Coffee machine Saeco Talea Touch

Coffee machine Saeco Talea Touch

Taste Saeco Talea Touch with Black and white touch screen technology control panel

Saeco Talea Touch with Black and white touch screen technology control panel

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Технические пиктограммы Saeco
Каждому техническому элементу и функции кофемашины соответствует своя пиктограмма

Saeco Milk Island for Saeco's Talea

Обслуживание: Для обеспечения бесперебойной, надежной и долгой работы кофе-машины Saeco Talea Ring Plus необходимо раз в неделю рекомендуется вынимать устройство приготовления (заварочный блок) и промывать его под холодной водой без моющих средств, чтобы смыть излишки молотого кофе из пазов механизма. Ухаживать за аппаратом и своевременно производить необходимые работы по обслуживанию согласно инструкции по эксплуатации - значит обеспечить кофемашине долгую жизнь. 

Новинки от Saeco
Возможно подключение внешнего капучинатора Milk Island, который позволяет готовить пенку для сразу на 2-3 порции.
Тихая кофемолка с жерновами из экологически чистой керамики повышенной прочности
Система SBS для изменения крепости кофе без перенастройки количества кофе на порция и без изменения степени помола
Toush Lift - столик для чашек с электроприводом легким нажатием регулируется по высоте до 140 мм.
One-Touch Technology:

The Talea Touch will automatically grind the right amount of coffee, tamp, brew and dispense the used grounds into an internal dregdrawer, all at the touch of an icon.

Saeco Easy Clean System:

The heart of the Talea Touch is the patented removable brew group. This device allows the machine to tamp, brew and dispense the coffee in one cycle. The brew group can be removed at the push of a button, for convenient rinsing and chemical-free cleaning. This brew group is exclusive proprietary Saeco technology and one of the unique advantages that has made Saeco the world leader in automatic espresso machines.

Touch Screen Technology:

Black and white touch screen technology is an exclusive innovation available for the Talea Touch. Thanks to its graphic display and icons, you can prepare coffee and your favorite drinks with minimal effort, in just a few minutes. Sensitive Touch Technology not only gives the machine it’s up-to-date look, but it also makes it easier to use. The special icons give clear, instant details for each function.

Milk Island

This unique and ingenious invention by Saeco is exclusively designed for the new Talea line of automatic machines. The Milk Island sits conveniently next to the machine, and draws steam from the machine into the Cappuccinatore. Easy to operate and maintain, the Milk Island can be cleaned with soap and water, or in the dishwasher.

SBS Technology

An absolutely revolutionary innovation. Saeco Brewing System (SBS) allows you to make an infinite variety of coffee drinks from just one machine at the twist of a dial. Choose from the strongest ristretto shot with a thick crema to a milder coffee with less crema. The SBS dial adjusts the amount of pressure in the brewing chamber, so you can control the strength and extraction for each cup brewed.

Rapid Steam

Rapid Steam® technology reduces the normal waiting time between brewing coffee and steam output to just a few seconds. The Talea Touch has a separate heat exchange for steam, which allows it to provide fast and continuous steam pressure for frothing milk within seconds.

Pannarello Wand

The Talea Touch has a Pannarello steam / hot water wand to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes, and to dispense hot water for Americanos, tea, hot chocolate and other drinks.

Ceramic Disc Grinder

The ceramic grinder is Saeco’s most recent innovation, available in the Talea line of coffee machines. The ceramic grinder also provides an even grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending, giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee. Because ceramic is inert it will not absorb the flavor of the coffee overtime, it is much more durable, and grinds considerably quieter.

Programmable Brew Settings

The Talea Touch is designed with 3 fully programmable beverage icons. With each drink, you can program the quantity of espresso dispensed, temperature of the espresso, the amount of ground coffee used and pre-brewing function.

Saeco Aroma System

Taste the full aroma of coffee beans in every cup. To optimize the coffee drinking experience, a special programmed step injects a small amount of hot water into the freshly ground coffee to start a pre-brewing process. This is done just before the actual brew cycle commences in order to extract the best aromas and flavors from the grounds.

Saeco OptiDose

The OptiDose system allows the user to adjust the amount of coffee that is ground for each individual cup. It adjusts from 7 to 10.5 grams of ground beans per brewing cycle, which affects the strength of the extracted espresso.

Touch Lift Technology

The motorized drip tray can be easily raised or lowered allowing different cup sizes. Espresso cups or glasses can easily be accommodated. It is also removable for easy cleaning. No matter what mood you’re in, we can fit the mug that goes with it.

Pre-Ground Bypass Doser:

The pre-ground bypass doser allows you to use pre-ground decaffeinated or flavored coffee without emptying the beans in the grinder.

Cup Warming Surface:

Stack several porcelain or ceramic cups on this large and convenient heating surface. The cup warming surface keeps your cups and espresso at an optimal temperature while enhancing the full flavors and aromas extracted from the bean.

Aqua Prima Water Filter

With the Aqua Prima filter the number of flavor-altering substances found in your water is greatly reduced. Impurities are filtered out of your water, leaving you to enjoy the improved flavor and full aroma of your coffee.

Internal Dregdrawer

The internal dregdrawer is where the Talea Touch deposits the coffee after the brewing process. Once full, the touch screen will show that it needs to be emptied. Remove the dregdrawer, empty contents, rinse and replace the container into the machine. Once these steps are completed the machine is ready to brew again.

Removable Drip Tray

A single tray can be removed from the front of the machine containing the cup tray and drip pan. Made of durable ABS plastic, it cleans easily in soap and water. (Not dishwasher safe.)

Sliding Wheel Base

Small wheels have been placed on the base of the machine to simplify general maintenance and cleaning. The entire machine will rotate with a light push for easy accessibility of all the components.


Cleaning Brush, Aqua Prima Water Filter, Grinder Adjustment Key, Quick Start Guide, Descaling Solution, Instruction Manual

Кофемашины Saeco Talea


Ring Plus



Warranty 2 year limited

Color: Titanium and Silver

Pump Pressure 15 bar

Power: 1500 watts - 120 v - UL Listed

Unit Size: 13”W x 16”D x 14.5”H

Unit Weight: 21 lbs.

Carton Size: 15”W x 19”D x 18”H

Carton Weight: 26 lbs.

Over Pack Size: 18.25”W x 22”D x 21.25”H

` Over Pack Weight: 30 lbs.

UPC Code: 7-08461-00016-3

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